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Simple Dilution Solutions

KISS Pro is our eco-friendly and innovative line of cleaning products guaranteed to provide you with a simple and safe experience!  Our bottles can be reused up to 36 times, this reduced the number of bottles you need to purchase and also reduces the amount of plastic that ends up in the landfill. We offer different cartridge packaging options to fit your needs and to make sure you keep your facility stocked without the worry of storage space needed.


100% Reusable and recyclable bottles and cleaning towels. We don't ship water, this lowers our shipping costs and environmental footprint. Reusing your KISS Pro bottles reduces plastic waste.

Space Saving

Concentrated cartridges require 93% less physical space than ready-to-use bottles. There is no installation of bulky rationing equipment required.

Safer Choice Certified

Our EPA-certified formulas are safe to use around kids and pets. They are also biodegradable and free from harsh chemicals while still being industrial-grade.

User Friendly

Closed-looped system proportioning is easy to use, cartridges are pre-measured and packaged for simple dilution with water—no measuring, no contact with the chemical, and color-coded for a simple experience.


Fill bottle with tap water


Insert concentrated cartridge


Insert trigger and twist to close