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Vanish Carpet Spot Remover (2 Can Promotion)

$39.95 $47.94 17% Off
Watch spots vanish with this stain remover! Vanish is a specially formulated spot remover that removes both water and oil-based stains in an instant! Can be used on both carpets and upholstery. Removes a variety of stains from grease and oil to urine and blood.

Vanish features an inverted valve that allows the product to be sprayed directly onto stain without a big mess or run-over. Great as a pre-spotter prior to carpet extraction. Requires little to no rubbing and leaves behind a pleasant scent.

Enjoy this two can promotion for a limited time!


  • Leaves behind no visible residue
  • Removes oil and water-based stains
  • Neutralizes odor
  • Will not harm carpet or upholstery