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StepWell Sanitizing Mat (3' x 7')

SKU: 835-1037160
Weight: 15.66 lbs
The StepWell mat provides an all-in-one solution for safely sanitizing shoes. It features a 2' x 3' well that holds an abrasive insert and your preferred liquid sanitizer, followed by a 3' x 5' carpeted section to help remove any excess moisture from shoes, reducing the likelihood of slips following sanitation. The insert serves as a splash guard and helps dislodge any dirt or debris from the bottom of shoes so the fluid can reach the entire sole surface. Wash, wipe and walk on safely!

Each mat includes one insert, and additional inserts are available in packs of four. The insert, placed in the well, holds approximately 84 ounces (2.5 liters) of sanitizing solution (not included). StepWell mats are compatible with most sanitizing/disinfecting solutions, but work best with quaternary and hydrogen peroxide sanitizing solutions. This 3' X 7' mat measures approximately 35" X 82". Please note that mat sizes are approximate as rubber shrinks and expands in conjunction with temperature and time. These mats are compliant with Prop65 and require no warning.


  • Sanitization while preventing slips
  • Abrasive insert that holds liquid sanitizer
  • Splash resistant
  • Removes dirt and debris
  • Carpeted section removes moisture

What's included:

One StepWell Insert


Product Type Floor Mat
Size 3' x 7'
Country Of Origin USA