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Clear Non-Acid Granular Drain Cleaner, 1.25 lb canister (12 canisters per case)

Weight: 16.00 lbs
Clear is our thermo-chemical drain line maintainer and opener! This non-acid granular drain cleaner attacks the key sources of stopped or slow moving drains. Clear actually dissolves hair, soap scum, grease and other drain clogging matter. Our crystal formulation prevents leaks, spills and splashing hazards that you find with normal drain cleaners. It is safe on all types of plumbing, fitting and packing. Will not disrupt action in your septic system.

This product is ready to use and comes in an easy to store 1.25 pound canister. Features a pleasant citrus fragrance. Can be used in sinks, floor drains, bathtubs, drinking fountains, showers, condensate drains, urinals and x-ray sinks.


  • Will not harm pipes, fitting or packing
  • Restores drains to full flow
  • Authorized by USA for meat & poultry plants
  • Eliminates cold water slime
  • Will dissolve hair
  • Biodegradable