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Magic Industrial Hand Cleaner Manufacturer: Armchem Description: Armchem's Magic Industrial hand soap is a Non-Solvent Formula which Eliminates Drying and Cracking hands.

Options Available
Economy Shoulder Split Work Gloves Manufacturer: Armchem Notes/Restrictions: 5% off  Qty/Pack: Sold by Dozen Description: An economy, shoulder split cowhide palm, work glove with a 2 1/2" starch cuff. The gunn cut allows for the glove to hav...  Options Available
Dumpster Fresh® Molecular Odor Suppressant Part #: DAB025 Manufacturer: Armchem Instructions: General Use: For best results sprinkle lightly into empty refuse and garbage receptacles. Add small amount periodically. Use in cigarette urns: Full strength or mix with sand. Sweeping: Mix with dry sweeping compound in areas where treated dust mops are used. Qty/Pack: 12 canisters/case Description: Granular molecular odor suppressant works instantly to neutralize and absorb odors in dumpsters, trash receptacles, comp... 
$184.38 $182.95 Qty:
Ice Erase: Advanced Liquid Ice Melt Formula Part #: ATH277 Manufacturer: Armchem Qty/Pack: 5 gallon. pail/47 lbs. Description: This advanced potassium acetate salt-based liquid penetrates quickly to dissolve frost, snow and ice from a wide variety... 
$189.00 $162.00 Qty:
Genuine Emergency Preparedness Kit - 167 pieces Part #: PRM007 Manufacturer: Armchem Notes/Restrictions: Two for the Price of One Description: Emergency Preparedness Kit with 167 essential items for emergencies and first aid. Contents are organized for fast acces... 
$99.90 $49.95 Qty:
Hand Sanitizing Towelettes  With FREE Dispenser Part #: OSMER9200 Manufacturer: Armchem Notes/Restrictions: **Includes Free Dispenser Qty/Pack: 2 rolls/case Description: ** Special Holiday Offer** Free Dispenser with your order. Hand sanitizing has never been this easy with our convenient... 
$129.95 $99.95 Qty:
Green Fire Granular Ice Melter Part #: ATH1603 Manufacturer: Armchem Qty/Pack: 50lb box Description: This granular ice melter dissolves snow and ice in temperatures below 0 degrees F and is enhanced with a green color ind... 
$85.55 $66.54 Qty:
De-Ice Part #: ARM51511 Manufacturer: Armchem Qty/Pack: 12 cans per case/18lbs. Description: High pressure spray that quickly dissolves ice, frost and snow from windshields, frozen locks, hinges, small appliances,... 
$155.97 $121.31 Qty:
Classic Series Hard Hats 4 pt. Pin Lock Hard Hat Part #: HP14130 Manufacturer: Armchem Notes/Restrictions: Save 38% Qty/Pack: Each Description: Classic Series hard hats are designed with a wider profile, and offer heightened protection from the elements, including... 
$7.95 $4.95 Qty:
4-Shelf Kit Fully Stocked Part #: AA014022 Manufacturer: Armchem Qty/Pack: Each Description:
Medi-Wash Eyewash 
$299.95 $209.95 Qty:

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