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Bi-Level Deck Scrub Part #: RCP 6337 BLU Manufacturer: RUBBERMAID COMMERCIAL Description: Split-brush shape has straight and angled bristles. For wet scrubbing in open areas and under equipment. Long-lasting bl... 
$30.80 Qty:
Iron Handle Scrub Brush Part #: RCP 6482 COB Manufacturer: RUBBERMAID COMMERCIAL Description: Hand scrub with molded handle eases the work of scrubbing tile floors, baseboards, countertops and walls. Long-lasting b... 
$6.40 Qty:
Duster Brush Part #: UNG WALB Manufacturer: UNGER Description: 5 wide x 12 long oval brush. Ideal for cleaning ceiling fans and removing cobwebs and dust from walls and corners. Screw... 
$47.60 Qty:
Pipe Brush Part #: UNG PIPE Manufacturer: UNGER Description: 11 curved brush removes dirt and dust from pipes and other rounded surfaces. Screws onto an extension pole (sold separat... 
$39.00 Qty:

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