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The Boss® Household Canister Vac Part #: EUR 3670 Manufacturer: EUREKA/SANITAIRE Description: Lightweight with powerful motor and blower port. Six-piece attachment set: hose, two wands, combination upholstery/dusti... 
$204.00 Qty:
Sanitaire® Commercial Compact Canister Part #: EUR 3683 Manufacturer: EUREKA/SANITAIRE Description: Best for hard surface and above-the-floor cleaning. 12 amp commercial-grade motor. HEPA system-ready and CRI Certified w... 
$310.00 Qty:
Disposable Micro-Filtration Bags Part #: HOO KE2103-000 Manufacturer: HOOVER VACUUMS Notes/Restrictions: For Use with Hoover Vacuums Qty/Pack: HOO C2401 (sold separately). Packaging: 3 Bags per Pack Description: Disposable Micro-Filtration Bags, For Use with Hoover Vacuums, HOO C2401 (sold separately). 
$3.00 Qty:
Portapower™ Commercial Canister Part #: HOO C2094 Manufacturer: HOOVER VACUUMS Description: Powerful 2.2 peak hp motor doubles as a blower. Eight-piece attachment set: super-stretch hose, crevice tool, wall/floor... 
$222.48 Qty:

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