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Carpet Extractors

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Sanitaire® Model SC6080 Commercial Carpet Extractor Part #: EUR 6080 Manufacturer: EUREKA/SANITAIRE Description: Quickly and easily cleans carpets and hard-to-reach areas. High-performance, three-stage motor is powerful enough to cle... 
$3558.00 Qty:
SelectSpot™ Carpet Spot Extractor Part #: ECL 56220100 Manufacturer: EUROCLEAN Description: Perfect to touch-up carpets and hard-to-reach areas like stairs, upholstery and automobile interiors. Includes clear, ha... 
$1062.52 Qty:
Kent Klenzor™ 16 Self-Contained Carpet Extractor Part #: ECL 56265004 Manufacturer: EUROCLEAN Description: Single spray jet technology ensures even water and cleaning solution coverage; eliminates uneven cleaning and streaks. 1... 
$3510.57 Qty:
Water Extraction Carpet Cleaner Part #: FRK F534022 Manufacturer: FRANKLIN Qty/Pack: 4 Bottles per Case Packaging: Gallon Bottle Description: • A family of solutions that simplifies carpet cleaning and maintenance High pH; formulated for hot water extractio... 
$128.00 Qty:
PRO-12 12-Gallon Carpet Extractor Part #: MFM PRO-12-100-2 Manufacturer: MERCURY FLOOR MACHINES Description: Easy-fill 12-gallon detergent solution tank. "Quick-Dump" 12-gallon recovery tank. The powerful solution pump delivers a... 
$3820.00 Qty:
Professional RESOLVE® Carpet Extraction Cleaner Part #: REC 97161 Manufacturer: RECKITT BENCKISER Qty/Pack: 4 Bottles per Case Packaging: Gallon Bottle Description: • Safe on wool, nylon, synthetic and stain-resistant carpets Concentrated. One product, one dilution for three clea... 
$117.00 Qty:

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