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Specialty Kitchen Items

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3M™ Shortening Monitor Kit Part #: MCO 1010 Manufacturer: 3M Packaging: 10 Kits per Case Description: Easy-to-use, inexpensive way to help control quality of fried foods. Eliminates guesswork and prevents premature disposa... 
$364.37 Qty:
Nitrofoam® Oven and Grill Decarbonate Part #: CHE040 Manufacturer: Armchem Notes/Restrictions: In addition to the 10% discount, if you order one case of this product from January 1 – February 15, you'll also receive one Armchem Bowl Clip and one Armchem Urinal Mat. Just enter promo code NEWYEAR13 at checkout. Qty/Pack: 12 quarts/case Description: Heavy duty "clinging" foam action works on even the toughest burnt on grime. Super concentrated formula. No toxic fume... 
$201.40 Qty:
BACTAZYME® Drain Cleaner & Maintainer Manufacturer: Armchem Notes/Restrictions: Can be diluted using Armchem proportioner CAD101 or CAD102 Instructions: For odor control in and around urinals, garbage receptacles and other problem areas. Can also be used on carpets, drain lines, grease traps, sinks and porta toilets. See technical data sheet for dilution ratios and more uses. Description: Superior bioenzymatic formula actually digests grease, fats & odor causing bacteria. Keep your drains clear & odor free...  Options Available
TEMP™ Paste Cleaner & Polish Part #: DRK 4410279 Manufacturer: JOHNSON DIVERSEY Qty/Pack: 12 Tubs per Case Packaging: 1.5-lb. Tub Description: Polishes tile, enamel, metal and porcelain. Also for use as a graffiti remover. Mildly abrasive formula quickly removes ... 
$246.00 Qty:
Mr. Muscle® Fryer Boil-Out Part #: DRK 91209 Manufacturer: JOHNSON DIVERSEY Qty/Pack: 36 Packets per Case Packaging: 2-oz. Packet Description: Low-foaming formula degreases and cleans foodservice fryers, while preventing boil-over. Heat and chemical action combin... 
$121.00 Qty:

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