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Specialty Cleaners

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Misty® Heavy-Duty Adhesive Spray Part #: AMR A315-20 Manufacturer: AMREP/MISTY Qty/Pack: 12 Cans per Case Packaging: 12-oz. Aerosol Can Description: For temporary or permanent bonding of uneven or porous surfaces and weighted materials. Waterproof, flexible, transparen... 
$177.00 Qty:
Misty® Contact & Circuit Board Cleaner III Part #: AMR A368-16 Manufacturer: AMREP/MISTY Qty/Pack: 12 Cans per Case Packaging: 11-oz. Aerosol Can Description: Safe for use on plastics, rubber and metal. Flammable. Must be used only on de-energized components and equipment. Nonoz... 
$166.00 Qty:
Misty® Advanced Electronics Duster NF Part #: AMR A361-12 Manufacturer: AMREP/MISTY Qty/Pack: 12 Cans per Case Packaging: 7-oz. Aerosol Can Description: Powerful blasting spray utilizes the highest purity nonflammable HFC material to create a nonresidue duster formula that... 
$130.26 Qty:
Nu-Coil Foaming Coil Cleaner Part #: CHE325 Manufacturer: Armchem Notes/Restrictions: 10% off! Use Promo Code SUMMERNCP Instructions: Shake well. Hold can 6 inches from coil and spray entire coil from bottom to top of coil. Description: A powerful, thick clinging foam which removes dirt, lint, grease from air conditioner and heater coils. NO RINSE formul... 
$145.47 Qty:
Removes All® Graffiti Wipes Part #: CHE049 Manufacturer: Armchem Qty/Pack: 12 canisters/case Description: Instant graffiti removal with single wipe. Each super saturated towelette can be used once for larger jobs or multiple ... 
$135.68 Qty:
Citra-Syn Part #: CAD001 Manufacturer: Armchem Qty/Pack: 6/1 gallon Description: Water soluble orange based cleaner degreaser. 100% biodegradable, non butyl, non-caustic. Penetrates on contact. Spec... 
$226.61 Qty:
Citra Solv Manufacturer: Armchem Description: Natural orange degreaser, drain maintainer and deodorizer. A blend of natural orange solvents, contains no petroleum di...  Options Available
SURE Part #: CHE256 Manufacturer: Armchem Instructions: Sprinkle Sure liberally on area that needs to be cleaned. Absorbs 80-100 times its weight. 8 oz. absorbs over 5 gallons of liquid. Can be disposed of easily. Non-toxic and biodegradable. Pick up newly solid waste and dispose of properly. Qty/Pack: 12/case Description: Super absorbent deodorizer specifically formulated to absorb, solidify and deodorize potentially hazardous liquids. Abs... 
$201.08 Qty:
BACTAZYME® Drain Cleaner & Maintainer Manufacturer: Armchem Notes/Restrictions: Can be diluted using Armchem proportioner CAD101 or CAD102 Instructions: For odor control in and around urinals, garbage receptacles and other problem areas. Can also be used on carpets, drain lines, grease traps, sinks and porta toilets. See technical data sheet for dilution ratios and more uses. Description: Superior bioenzymatic formula actually digests grease, fats & odor causing bacteria. Keep your drains clear & odor free...  Options Available
Citra Sheen® One Stop Cleaner & Polish Part #: CHE200 Manufacturer: Armchem Qty/Pack: 12 cans/case Description: A light and quick action foam that provides a one step clean, polish and protect for most surfaces including Formica, ma... 
$143.88 Qty:

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