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Drain Openers

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Misty® Halt Drain Opener Part #: AMR R993-12 Manufacturer: AMREP/MISTY Qty/Pack: 12 Bottles per Case Packaging: 32-oz. Bottle Description: Nonfuming, highly concentrated alkaline-based formula. Clears clogged drains of organic matter, hair, paper, grease and ... 
$182.00 Qty:
CLEAR Part #: CHE014 Manufacturer: Armchem Instructions: Remove any excess water. While holding container at arm's length, add one capful of Clear. Slowly trickle water into drain. Let stand for 60 - 90 seconds. Repeat until drain is free flowing, then flush well with water. Never position head over drain opening. Do not use hot water or other chemicals with this product. Qty/Pack: 12/case Description: Cleans and maintains by attacking the key sources of stopped or slow moving drains. Actually dissolves hair, grease and... 
$186.95 Qty:
Citra Solv Manufacturer: Armchem Description: Natural orange degreaser, drain maintainer and deodorizer. A blend of natural orange solvents, contains no petroleum di...  Options Available
Liquid-Plumr® Heavy-Duty Clog Remover Part #: CLO 35286 Manufacturer: CLOROX PROFESSIONAL Qty/Pack: 6 Bottles per Case Packaging: 80-oz. Bottle Description: America's #1 drain opener. Thickened formula goes through standing water straight to the clog. Dissolves hair and food p... 
$120.00 Qty:
Liquid Alive® Enzyme Producing Bacteria Part #: DYM 23332 Manufacturer: DYMON Qty/Pack: 12 Bottles per Case Packaging: 32-oz. Bottle Description: Enzyme producing bacteria digest and liquefy organic waste, grease and food by-products to eliminate malodors and reduce... 
$168.00 Qty:
Drano® Professional Strength Part #: DRK 90485 Manufacturer: JOHNSON DIVERSEY Qty/Pack: 12 Bottles per Case Packaging: 32-oz. Bottle Description: Formulated for institutional, commercial and industrial clogs. 32% caustic formula opens drains quickly by attacking tou... 
$130.00 Qty:
ElimineX® Foaming Drain Cleaner RTD® Part #: DRK 4266308 Manufacturer: JOHNSON DIVERSEY Description: Easily clean drains in less than a minute, without brushes or tools. Thick foam formula clings to drains to eliminate od... 
$159.85 Qty:
Easy Paks® Neutralizer Conditioner/Odor Counteractant Part #: DRK 90685 Manufacturer: JOHNSON DIVERSEY Qty/Pack: 2 Tubs per Case Packaging: 90 Packets per Tub Description: Neutralizes alkaline residue after floor stripping and cleaning. Helps eliminate dulling, discoloring and hazing for a l... 
$135.00 Qty:

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